4 Eco-Friendly Furnishing Alternatives

With conscious consumerism gaining increasing traction around the world, more people have been opting for sustainable furniture to furnish their homes. This refers to pieces that use reclaimed materials, are sustainably-sourced and can be used over the span of a lifetime.

Here are some options to consider for a stylish and ethically-minded home!

1. Reclaimed Wood

Photo: d-Bodhi

Reclaimed wood furniture reduces the demand for newly-sourced lumber, which helps curb deforestation. High-quality, handcrafted furniture made with reclaimed wood are often built to withstand generations of use. Plus, no two pieces of wood are exactly the same, due to the unique wood grain and texture from weathered wood.

2. Rattan

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Rattan is a naturally sustainable material and has seen a recent resurgence in interest among young homeowners looking to create a rustic, timeless look in their homes. Apart from its organic, Pinterest-worthy aesthetic, rattan furniture also blends well into any type of design and is a more cost-effective option than wood.

3. Cork

Photo: IKEA (by Ilse Crawford)

Cork is a surprisingly versatile and chic material that is highly affordable. Because cork is sourced from the bark of the cork oak tree, the trees themselves are never cut down and can live for more than 200 years. From cork coffee tables to cork benches, this quirky material creates a gamut of possibilities for eye-catching furniture pieces.

4. Vintage Furniture

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Instead of buying new furniture, consider pre-loved items. These items are more exclusive since they are no longer in the market. Despite their age, some may even be more durable in terms of design and material. Many second-hand furniture brands can breathe new life to the pieces by restoring them with more contemporary elements. Seems like sustainable pieces can also be synonymous with statement pieces!

By Vanessa Hang

This article was adapted from MyNiceHome, HDB’s official website for all things related to home buying and renovation in Singapore.