Green Means Go Webinar Series

As part of our Green Means Go Campaign the Singapore Green Building Council will hosted a series of webinars that invites homeowners to learn more about how to build green into their homes whilst making their space more comfortable and productive.

The following webinars have been recorded and provide a great recap of the learnings shared during each webinar session. There’s never been an easier time to build more green into your home!

Green Means Go Comfortable: Get The Most From Your Home

Green homes are good for people and contribute towards creating a more comfortable home. As part of our Green Means Go campaign, the Singapore Green Building Council partnered with Mark Mah from SIDS to share tips on how homeowners can make the most out of your home to maximise comfort.

Green Means Go Prepared: Things I Wish I Knew Before

What makes a green home green? What should I ask my property agent when house-hunting? Is a green home difficult and expensive to achieve? Get the answers to these questions and more at the second Green Means Go webinar, where we hosted speakers from SGBC, SEAA and DBS to show participants what it means to Go Prepared!

Green Means Go Healthy: Building Green with the Right Materials

Do you know that the materials in your home strongly impact the health and wellbeing of your family? For our third webinar, we explored why hazardous substances like VOCs and formaldehyde emitted from building products are extremely harmful to human health, causing serious health complications with prolonged exposure.

Green Means Go Healthy: Creating a Comfortable Living Environment

As we are now kept home for longer periods of time to live, work, play, learn and even heal, how do you create a homely living environment that is green, healthy and efficient to safeguard your family’s wellbeing? In the fourth webinar event, SGBC partnered with Greenlam Asia Pacific and SIDS to provide tips on integrating green practices to improve our wellbeing and live more comfortably.

Green Means Go Go Forward: Exploring the Future of our

As we enter a new age of unprecedented attention to sustainability, it is vital to ensure that the buildings we live in must be buildings we can live with. How will the industry evolve to cater to the rising demand for greener, healthier and more sustainable places and spaces? For the final webinar event, SGBC partnered with Frasers Property and Geberit to give homeowners a glimpse in the future of residential development and water technology, innovations that are already being practiced today for a sustainable and comfortable experience.