Smarter Approaches to Greener Homes

One of the simpler ways of maintaining a green home is to be more conscious of how your home consumes energy.

As homeowners, we’ve always continued to monitor and track how we utilise our electricity for our own home. But the growth of accessible consumer technology has allowed homeowners to have more control over how we spend and consume our electrical appliances. It’s not just about figuring out your electric bills anymore – it’s also about understanding your own energy consumption and finding opportunities to become more efficient and sustainable.

Here are a few ways you can go smart with the way you consume energy for your home.

#1 Mobile Energy Applications

Energy providers are becoming more technology savvy and are releasing mobile applications for consumers to download to track their energy and water usage. Having access to real-time information on energy usage provides us immediate feedback to change our energy consumption. Regularly checking ahead of your billing is an uncomplicated way to make your home greener and more efficient.

Mobile app provides real-time information on energy usage, housed within a safe platform tied to your credentials. For example, providers such as Senoko and SP have designated apps that are available on the App Store to monitor your utility usage.

#2 Smart Plugs and Bulbs

Featured image from Singapore’s Greenest Home Town Challenge, uploaded by a fellow Singaporean homeowner.

Creating automatic routines and switches not only makes your energy consumption more efficient, but your home lets you be more comfortable. This is done by installing smart plugs and bulbs which turn can turn your home to become an efficient ecosystem.

Simple plugs can be added on to make regular appliances such as kitchenware, lights, and electronic devices connected to your home Wifi and the internet. They also allow you to remotely turn on/off your appliances and set routines based on your lifestyle and room environment.

Smart bulbs are bulbs with a built-in Wifi receive to connect your lamp to the internet. When connected to internet, they help monitor your watt usage but also set specific routines based on your home usage and profile.

#3 Smart Home Assistants

Featured image from Singapore’s Greenest Home Town Challenge, uploaded by a fellow Singaporean homeowner.

As homeowners, smart home assistants make it even easier for you to go smart with your home and take on greener actions by consuming efficient energy.These Internet connected devices can assist you with simple tasks through connected devices and systems.

Smart Home Assistants are best used with smart devices such as plugs and bulbs to make it easier for you to set routines and devices on/off through voice activation. They complete the entire system and allow you to have full remote and automated acccess in how you use and manage your electrical appliances.

There are a wide variety of ways to go smart with your home and make greener actions to make your home comfortable and sustainable. Using technologies such as internet devices and mobile apps provide enough feedback for us to learn how to consume energy more effectively, and more efficiently.

To learn more about smart systems and other products to make your Green Home, visit our Build Green In Home Planner. You can also visit the SGBC Directory to see other green-certified items that can make your home more green, and more comfortable.