The Knock-On Effect of a Greener Mindset

The past few years have been stressful for many Singaporeans, especially those that have recently just purchased or moved into their new home. With the ongoing difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic more individuals are looking to adopt a more mindful approach to their daily routine.

But did you know that adopting greener home practices for your home can promote your mindfulness? Here are some ways building green into your home can benefit your pursuit for living a balanced, mindful life.

Finding Peace from Plants

Featured image from Singapore’s Greenest Home Town Challenge, uploaded by a fellow Singaporean homeowner.

Looking after plants can be a healthy and positive way to help decompress your cognition maintain your mental wellbeing. In fact they’re helpful for our senior to promotive brain function and prevent dementia. Gardening can be a great intervention for mental health, and can help reduce anxiety and symptoms of depression.

Improving Ventilation for your Breathing

Featured image from Singapore’s Greenest Home Town Challenge, uploaded by a fellow Singaporean homeowner.

Improving ventilation is an effortless way of applying greener practices for your home. Not only does this improve your own physical wellbeing, but ventilation also has a role in improving your breathing. That’s because breathing exercises is one of the most effective ways to adopt a mindful lifestyle, as it helps reduce stress and experienced anxiety.

By improving ventilation for your home, you’re not only protecting your family from unwanted viruses and pollutants, but you’re also improving your capacity to breathe more effectively and overcome mental difficulties.

Soundproofing Distractions

Sound plays a significant role in our mindfulness; they shape our ability to not only concentrate but meditate in our home environments

Using sustainable soundproofing materials are an effective way of not only making your home greener and more sustainable, but also fostering a great space for you to stay relaxed and productive. In fact, studies have shown that making effective acoustic sound adjustments to open office environments, improves productivity and mental wellbeing.

As more Singaporeans continue to do flexible working arrangements, investing in soundproofing materials for your office setup.

Green Means Go Healthy

Building green into your home isn’t just about the novelty of championing sustainability, it’s also making an active step in making your home comfortable and healthy for the residents.

For more information, visit the SGBC Product Directory to learn more about certified green products and materials to help build green into your home.