Enriching Lives, Building Communities, Growing Sustainably

Committed to enriching lives, building communities and growing sustainably, CapitaLand continues to create quality spaces for work, live and play in the communities in which it operates, through sustainable and innovative solutions.

The following is part of a series of articles showcasing the sustainability actions and buildings developed by CapitaLand. You can also learn more about their sustainability journey and 2030 Sustainability Master Plan.

CanningHill Piers

CanningHill Piers is the newest luxury residence located between the historic Fort Canning Hill and the iconic Singapore River. Sustainability features have been embedded within the development’s design to provide comfortable residential and vibrant community spaces.

The design scheme comprises four towers of different heights – a pair of diagonally-facing residential towers and one tower each for the hotel and serviced residence – set atop a double-storey commercial podium. This is done through optimising building massing and maximising naturally ventilated podium spaces within the development. The massing of the four towers provides self-shading to the internal façade of each tower, reducing direct sunlight into its internal courtyard and podium space, creating a comfortable shaded environment.

CanningHill Piers has a porous design for air movement throughout the development. Openings between the towers encourage prevailing winds to effectively pass through the outdoor podium areas for outdoor comfort, while exhaust vents are strategically located towards the north and south corners of the development.

Rain gardens harvest rainwater for landscape irrigation, and extensive greenery will be planted to mitigate heat buildup in public spaces. These features reduce heat absorption, providing a cooler environment.

Sengkang Grand Residences

Sengkang Grand Residences offers an array of green features. The development achieved the Building and Construction Authority Green Mark GoldPLUS award for its energy-efficient design and water-efficient features. The orientation of the residential blocks provides good natural ventilation in units and common areas. The apartments also come with deep recessed balconies, providing shading to internal living spaces. The façade of Sengkang Grand Residences is based on a passive cool design architecture, and installed with good performance glazing to reduce solar heat gain. Water-efficient sanitary fittings are incorporated in all residential units, while water-efficient auto-irrigation systems will be used for major landscape areas.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable materials certified by the Singapore Green Labelling Scheme are extensively used in constructing Sengkang Grand Residences. To ensure healthy indoor air quality, low volatile organic compound paints for internal walls are used. To promote a healthy lifestyle for residents, bicycle parking lots and end-of-trip facilities will be available, encouraging the use of green transport.

lyf one-north Singapore

The newly opened lyf one-north Singapore is located in Singapore’s research and innovation business hub. The 324-unit coliving property, which achieved the Building and Construction Authority Green Mark GoldPLUS award in 2020, is fitted with green, energy-efficient and smart building features. These include an energy monitoring system, dual-technology motion sensors and light-emitting diode light fixtures which can achieve energy savings of over 30%. The energy monitoring system and motion sensors track and automatically optimise the level of energy consumption depending on the number of occupants in the apartment.

The property also features sun-shading fins as part of its unique window design to reduce façade solar heat gain. Greenery is integrated into its social spaces. The lush planting within the property’s plaza spaces allow natural shading, creating a thermally comfortable environment for outdoor activities.

To reduce energy consumption, the building is served by energy-efficient centralised hot water heat pump system and a variable refrigerant flow air-conditioning system. Water consumption is optimised by the use of water efficient rated fittings.