Work, Live and Play at Funan

The following is part of a series of articles showcasing the sustainability actions and buildings developed by CapitaLand. You can also learn more about their sustainability journey and 2030 Sustainability Master Plan.

Redeveloped and opened in June 2019, Funan comprises a six-storey retail component, two office blocks and coliving property lyf Funan Singapore. The Building and Construction Authority Green Mark GoldPLUS integrated development also received Universal Design Mark GoldPLUS, Urban Land Institute (ULI) 2021 Global Awards for Excellence and ULI 2020 Asia Pacific Awards for Excellence.

Located in the heart of Singapore’s Civic and Cultural District, Funan integrates technology and new innovations to minimise energy and water consumption. Design features include an energy-efficient façade that minimises solar heat transmission, as well as a seven-storey green wall irrigated by harvested rainwater. With its innovative water fittings and indigenous plants, Funan saves approximately 12.8 million litres of water per year.

Funan is the first retail mall in Singapore to use a next-generation refrigerant to minimise energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emission. It uses chillers with low global warming potential refrigerant which emits lower greenhouse gas emissions and helps achieve energy savings.

Within the development, the retail common areas and office lobbies as well as lyf Funan Singapore’s front of house are fully fitted with energy-efficient LED lights. These lights are controlled by an intelligent scene control system, which adjusts the luminosity of the LEDs according to the brightness of the environment. Funan also uses regenerative lifts, which can deliver up to 18% of energy savings compared to non-regenerative lifts.

As an open and inviting space for visitors to shop and engage in lifestyle activities, Funan offers plenty of green spaces, rest areas and interactive corners that encourage discovery and community experiences. To promote community health and well-being, Funan has the largest roof-top garden and urban farm in the city at 18,000 square feet and 5,000 square feet respectively. These spaces allow visitors to learn how vegetables are produced and harvested, while the organic produce is served up at Noka, Spa Esprit’s first Japanese restaurant, which is next to the urban farm.

To support the nation’s car-lite movement and to serve the office community in and around Funan who cycles to work, Funan has a dedicated Bicycle Hub of over 170 bicycle bays with end-of-trip amenities. Fast-charge stations for electric vehicles are also available at the mall.

Providing added convenience and enhanced experience for shoppers, Funan’s smart features include smart lighting and smart carparking such as reservation of lots. Access to office gantries and flexible leasing spaces uses smart facial recognition.

All levels are accessible via a handicap accessible lift. Accessible parking lots and family parking lots are close to the lift lobbies for easy reach by users. There are also braille indicators on staircase handrails and child-height handrails at certain areas of the development. The office blocks feature a naturally ventilated staircase which links all office levels, encouraging an active lifestyle at the workplace and less reliance on elevators.

Communal and collaborative habitats such as lyf Funan Singapore, coworking spaces and lounges, event and social spaces, and rooftop gardens encourage social interaction within a commercial development.

Funan is also recognised for its architectural and design excellence with the BCI Asia Interior Design Award in 2019. It was conferred the Mixed-use Architecture (Singapore) award at the Asia Pacific Property Awards 2018-2019, and the Best Mixed-use Development Bronze award at the MIPIM Asia Awards 2019.